Our services
Sébastien CANTAIS, specializes in business transactions since 1994 offers 4 real quality services for the CANTAIS business consultancy.

A strict selection of the best hotel businesses for sale in France.

Like you, we cannot afford to lose time. CANTAIS business consultancy is surest way to go directly to the best deal at the best price !

After the study of the profitability and normative prescriptions, hotels that are carefully selected responding to good ratio sales.

Continuous monitoring of research

We receive hotel for sale offers every week. Count on us to select the lattest hotel opportunities to seize.

Receive regularly our new hotel opportunities simply by giving us your e-mail : This is our "news list» Hotels for sale.

Recommendations that save you time ... and money :

For you, a precise and rational study of the reliability of each hotel business for sale according to the market, your needs, your choices and your profile.

The experience of the specialist in hotel transactions (more than 350 businesses sold - 2012) renowed to negotiate and conclude the purchase in good conditions, not to mention the "Little Clauses" that will preserve your interests.

An effective and efficient logistic :

For your hotel purchase, evaluation files and an operating statement forecast will help you get your funding.

A team of specialists in business transactions all over the territory.

To Buy a hotel with Cabinet CANTAIS? Because a satisfied customer will always stay a customer.